365bet官方网站的, the customer relationship management (CRM) platform for scaling companies, announced today the launch of CMS中心 Starter, a new tier of the company’s existing web content management system that gives marketers and developers the tools they need to generate business through their website. 

在过去的一年里, we’ve seen just how important it is for companies to be able to create reliable and effective digital experiences,Angela DeFranco说, VP of product management at 365bet官方网站的. “In addition to providing the tools our customers need to get their website up and running, CMS中心 Starter is also built on top of our CRM platform to help companies leverage their own data to create a better end-to-end customer experience.”

CMS中心 Starter is built with the needs of marketers in mind, 优先考虑安全, 易用性, and the ability to tap into customer data. With CMS中心 Starter, customers can:

  • Build Fast, Secure, and Reliable Websites
    A traditional CMS leaves the security, speed, and reliability of a company’s website up to chance. For smaller teams in particular, IT resources can be hard to come by. CMS中心 Starter takes care of the maintenance associated with a traditional CMS so marketing teams can focus on creating an amazing customer experience through their website. Standard security features like SSL, a web application firewall, and a globally hosted CDN are included right out of the box. 
  • Easily Build Remarkable Websites
    Most CMSes force companies to make a trade off; either they adopt a simple web page builder that lets marketers create content quickly but has no tools for developers, or they can have a legacy enterprise CMS that is extremely extensible, but completely blocks out the marketer. Companies looking to grow their business through their website need a CMS that meets the needs of both groups. CMS中心 Starter lets developers use the tools, 技术, and workflows that they prefer to create flexible themes for marketers to work within. Marketers can then take ownership of the site – updating the look and feel of their website as they see fit, without being restricted by the dev team’s sprint cycle.
  • Tap Into the Power of the 365bet官方网站的 CRM Platform
    A company’s website should be its most important marketing asset. But the potential of a CMS is limited when it’s siloed off from other essential front-office functions. CMS中心 Starter is built as part of 365bet官方网站的’s CRM platform to give customers seamless access to all of their data to inform their web strategy and understand exactly what pieces of content are resonating with their audience.

“CMS中心 Starter is going to be a game changer for scaling companies looking to take their digital experiences to the next level,凯文·巴伯说。, 首席执行官兼创始人 精益实验室. “W在这里 a traditional CMS can add pain and complexity to a marketer’s day, CMS中心 Starter does the opposite by giving them the essential tools they need to build a remarkable website and start generating revenue, all at a price point that’s accessible for smaller teams.”

CMS中心 Starter is available now for $25 per month and is also available as part of the Starter CRM Suite bundle, which gives customers access to all five of 365bet官方网站的’s Starter-tier 产品 for a discounted rate of $50 per month, or $45 per month if they pay upfront. As part of the launch of the Starter tier, 365bet官方网站的 also adjusted the prices of the CMS中心 Professional and Enterprise offerings, which are now $400 and $1,200, 分别. The move follows continued investment in the product in the form of new features like site trees, CRM object dynamic pages, and increased domain capacity in CMS中心 Enterprise. 客户 can see the other planned features on the CMS中心 product roadmap 在这里

Learn more about CMS中心 at hubspot的.com/产品/cms.

Originally published Aug 3, 2021 9:04:31 AM, updated August 03 2021